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Scores of newly divorced people are ready to enter the dating world. All those splits during the first half of this year are ready to come onto the market, in search of (pause for the *sigh*) soul mates.
Here are five stress busters from Breakthrough for Families: Moving from Struggle to Cooperation.... for coping.

Single Parent Wanna BE - If ... you're an unhappy parent/spouse fantasizing about divorce - this is the place to preview what single parenting is really llike.

Find a lawyer!

S.O.S. Call to Parents Of Teens!

I’m tired of giving myself a time out just to get away from my teenager’s moods…it’s time to take back the house, and our lives!

Mentoring and Coaching!

If you're separated, long-term divorced, by choice, or widowed....there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Find the support, information and confidence you need to move forward in the challenging areas in your life.

Check out our Coaches! Coaching supports and guides you throughout the rebuilding process.

Dealing with Enraged Parents A 4 part column by Dr. Lois Nighingale, covering co-parenting, communicating, support, scared and overwhelmed, money issues, resentment, and forgiveness.
Making Lemonade Tidbits Visit Making Lemonade article Tidbits where you'll find inspirational and informative stories and articles geared toward parenting.

Divorce: Ten things I learned - Divorce is never what you imagine it to be.

Jodi Rants

Making Lemonade Founder and X-pert Jodi Seidler "is fast becoming the Erma Bombeck of our parenting times". With a whimsical wit and a stream of consciousness style, Jodi's ponderings represent the single parents of today.

Read what resources Making Lemonade has for Single Parents Of Teens!

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1996 - 2014


This soft cover Guidebook is a quick study manual for all divorced single parents starting a new life.

Ebook - Making Lemonade© A Guidebook for Life After Divorce. By Jodi Seidler This Guidebook dissects, explores and gleans the experiences out of over 15 years of single parenting.

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Divorce Detox™ provides symptom relief and relationship closure, while addressing the underlying pain and heartache of divorce, to insure long lasting divorce recovery and a reduction in the emotional cost of divorce.

Rachel Fishman Green has helped divorcing and separating couples resolve conflicts concerning all aspects of divorce, including division of homes, time with the children, dividing small businesses, child support, division of health and tax aspects of divorce.

A Making Lemonade Tidbit Visit Making Lemonade Tidbits where you'll find inspirational and informative stories and quotes geared toward parenting.

Single Dad - read on - "Why a Man As a Single Parent?", "Stress", "How Much is Too Much?", "Will I Ever Be Loved Again?"

"Single Dad Stress" "The Grand Experiment" as passed to us from on high by Family Court is as follows: Every Monday and Tuesday the children will be with mom. Then, on Wednesdays and Thursdays they'll be with dad.

Business Mentoring for Moms!

The Creator of Making Lemonade is available to Mentor YOU through the rough transition into the land of single-parent-hood. YOU shouldn't walk those streets ALONE.

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