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Protect Your Children!
A must have book! De Becker turns to specific aspects of protecting children. When children should talk to strangers, how to let children cooperate in their own protection as they grow, hiring baby-sitters, choosing safe day-care, guarding against pedophiles, ensuring safety at school, helping teenage girls deal with boys, dealing with boys and guns.
Voices of Children of Divorce
This book was written up in the LA Times as a 'Poignant Forum for Children's Views on Divorce'. The review states "Because the author steps back and lets the children do the talking, this anecdotal collection has a poignancy and innocence found in the crowded library of divorce advice books."
What's Right? What's Wrong?
A guide to talking about values for parents and kids. This book provides adults and children an opportunity to discuss ethical dilemmas which arise in the course of our daily lives. Topics include: When is it not okay to keep secret; What should we do with found items; When must we speak out; Are there times when silence is"golden".
Uncoupling : Turning Points in Intimate Relationships
This book explains in lucid and engaging detail the turning points in intimate relationships, showing that there are basic similar patterns. The authors extensive use of interviews of both straight and gay couples, married and live-ins, makes her book lively and interesting.
Making the Best of Second Best: A Guide to Positive Stepparenting
Making the Best of Second Best is a warm, honest, and often humorous look at the challenges and rewards of stepparenting. It is based on many of the principles found in 12-step programs: changing what you can (especially yourself), accepting what you cannot change, letting go, and detachment.