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The Stress Title Bar

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Anecdotes of a Single Dad

"THE GRAND EXPERIMENT" as passed to us from on high by the L. A. Family Court system is as follows: Every Monday and Tuesday the children will be with mom. Then, on Wednesdays and Thursdays they’ll be with dad.

On the first and third Friday from after school until Sunday at 5:00 pm they will reside at dad’s and on the second and fourth Friday through Sunday they’ll be at mom’s. Of course, if there’s a holiday on a Monday following a weekend with dad they’ll spend the extra full day with dad even though Mondays are technically mom’s. Then, either they’ll be returning home to mom on Monday evening at 5:00 pm or they’ll stay at dad’s and he’ll bring them to school on Tuesday morning.

Now, to make up for mom’s missed day because of the fifth weekend on the occasional month, mom will have an extra day at Christmas time unless, of course, it falls in a year when the children have already spent both Christmas day and Thanksgiving day with mom in which case they will then go to dad’s for an extra day to be made up either during the Easter holiday or at another holiday of his choice so long as he gives at least 30 days notice to mom of the change following the missed Monday.

If he is unable to give her the 30 days notice then 15 days will be sufficient so long as mom is now given the option of accepting the change for this month only which she must do in order to keep her fifth Monday of the month or turn it over to dad as his make-up day for his missed holiday. Ready kids? On your mark, get set…now go figure out whose house you’re at today and which one you left your homework and favorite sweater at.


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